A Walk in the Park

I’ve been enjoying my Christmas break – seeing lots of family on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and even the days after (eating the leftover food).

My fitness routine has been a little lax over the break though, so I worked on that over the weekend.

On Saturday, my husband & I went for a walk in Pope John II park in Dorchester.

It’s got great views of the Neponset River and paved walking trails. There were lots of families walking (some with kids trying out new bikes) and people walking dogs too. It’s a nice walk!

Our 1/2 hour walk helped me reach over 7,500 steps for the day.


3 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

    • Thanks!
      I like the park name too.
      The park was built the year John Paul II visited Boston, so that’s how it got the name. (Dorchester was a heavily Catholic area at the time.)

      And the views at the park make it a hidden gem! It even connects to the Boston Harborwalk – if you wanted a longer route.

  1. This is something I need to start doing more. Unfortunately for me, in my town, there’s not a lot of “park space.” So sometimes going out for a walk can be so boring. I need to start pushing myself with it.

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