November Project – Week 21 – Christmas Eve


I feel like a bad version of “If you give a mouse a cookie”.

If you give Danielle a 3 week break from November Project, she will only get in 6 sections of stairs climbed upon her return & will feel like she’s going to throw up.


I’m glad I returned though. Another week off would have only made the next stair climbing feel worse.

I wore my reindeer jingle bell santa hat, so I’m hoping that my start photo came out OK & I can share that.

It was great to be back among the supportive November Project tribe. Elin gave me a hug & welcomed me back.

Co-leader Evan climbed alongside me for a section being extremely encouraging.

If it wasn’t Christmas Eve, I may have tried to push through the nausea and not leave early.

But, I’m going to Christmas Eve parties on both my & my husband’s sides of the family tonight – so I didn’t want to do that feeling sick.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!

Edit: Here’s a photo of me on the starting line:

NP_Christmas_EvePhoto credit: Rosa Evora


One thought on “November Project – Week 21 – Christmas Eve

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