Quick, Easy, Delicious Meal – Smart Flour Frozen Pizzas

Disclosure:  Through my role as a Northeast Bloggers Network member,

I was sent complimentary Smart Flour products in exchange for my review.

The opinions expressed are completely my own.

My house is a wash with holiday spirit.

But with all the present buying, gift wrapping, etc. – finding time to cook dinner isn’t happening.

Thank you Smart Flour pizza for coming to the rescue!


Their pizza is not only delicious, but bonus, it’s gluten free!

I had planned to invite a friend over that keeps a gluten free diet (due to celiac disease) to try the pizzas with me & my husband – but the winter season is also a season where it seems too many bugs are going around & she’s sick. (Get well soon!)

So, when I had an evening spent wrapping presents, my husband suggested we make the Smart Flour pizzas for dinner.

What a great suggestion!

Now, my husband & I don’t normally eat gluten free food, so we wondered if it would taste as good as other frozen pizzas.

We were pleasantly surprised that it did!

Here’s a photos of the cooked margarita pizza:


We also tried the pepperoni & cheese pizzas and they were equally tasty. If I had to pick a favorite of the 3, I’d pick the pepperoni.



The pizzas are a little smaller than the frozen pizzas I usually get from Stop & Shop, so my husband & I made 2 pizzas instead of 1.



Gifts are wrapped & ready for Christmas


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