Reflections on 2014 Goals and Goals Set for 2015

My little space on the internet, Getting Fit in MA, is a year old!

It feels like time has just flown by since the 1st post.


My goal for 2014 is to lose another 25 pounds, to get myself down to a healthy BMI, and then keep the weight off.

I’m planning to join my 1st November Project work out on 1/1 at 6:30 AM.

I also set a goal to run at least one 5K a month for all of 2014.

So how have the 2014 goals gone?

Weight Loss
Lets start with the not reached – I did not lose any weight in 2014 and it has been ridiculously frustrating.

My strategy for 2015 to change this is tracking my fitness & food with my Fitbit flex. I quit Weight Watchers.

November Project

I requested a work schedule change so I could regularly attend Wednesday morning stair climbs with November Project Boston.

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

I have a whole section of this blog dedicated to my workouts with November Project.

5k Running

I didn’t end up sticking to the letter of my goal, getting in at least one 5K a month for all of 2014, but I think I stuck to the spirit of the goal – getting in more than 12 5Ks, 24 runs to be exact, during the year.

Here are the results:

2013 – Dedham Turkey Trot, Jingle Bell 5K (wicked emotional – morning of the wake for my Grandpa)


Frozen 5K 44:10 Minutes to Finish 14:15 Pace

3 Social Boston Sports 30 Day Fitness Challenge Runs – My GPS watch didn’t work for all of them but here are the results I did track – 56:53 Minutes for 3.55 Miles & 1:00:13 Minutes for 4.02 Miles


Super Sunday 5K 40:56 Minutes to Finish 13:10 Pace  – Current PR (Personal Record)

Stop Stroke Shuffle (Virtual 5K) 54:24 Minutes to Finish 17:34 Pace

Cupid’s Chase 5K 49:27 Minutes to Finish 14:07 Pace for 3.5 miles


Run with Jess & Alan

Cambridge 5K Fun Run 38:48 Minutes to Finish 14:15 Pace for 2.72 miles

Cambridge 5K Craicfest 43:12 Minutes to Finish 13:54 Pace


Boston Athletic Association 5K 43:19 Minutes to Finish 13:56 Pace

Spring Classic 5K 42:04 Minutes to Finish 13:32 Pace & very sore from a fall at the finish line


Color Me Rad 5K


AIDS Action 5K 41:47 Minutes to Finish 13:26 Pace

Runners World 5K 46:34 Minutes to Finish 14:59 Pace


Finish at the 50 48:54 Minutes to Finish 15:44 Pace

Boston Brunch Runners Castle Island

Team Luna Chix run


Boston Brunch Runners Arnold Arboretum 53:47 Minutes to Finish 15:47 Pace for 3.45 miles


No 5ks so I could taper for the Jimmy Fund Boston Marathon Walk


Cambridge 5K – Oktoberfest 44:48 Minutes to Finish 14:25 Pace

New Balance Girls Night Out


Dedham Turkey Trot 43:33 Minutes to Finish 14:00 Pace

Ugly Sweater Run 38:20 Minutes to Finish 15:18 Pace for 2.51 miles


I’m considering the Ugly Sweater Run my December race but 2014 isn’t over yet so I may get a Boston Brunch Runners run in before the year ends.


So what do I think of my running project? I’m proud of myself for sticking with it. I actually identify with being a runner. I have a long way to go, but everyone starts somewhere & it takes practice to improve.

Overall, I feel I set realistic goals for 2014.

In addition to all the running, I took many fun group fitness classes.

I even went from thinking that spin classes would never be for me to loving spin classes and finding a favorite studio – Flywheel in the Prudential Center.

I found a dance class I love too – BollyX!

2015 Goals


I want to keep running in 2015.

My goal is to increase the distance raced (adding in at least one 10K) and set a faster PR for my 5ks.

I’ve already signed up for some 5Ks for 2015. I’ll be running in the Frozen 5K & Super Sunday 5K once again. I’ve also registered for the Blacklight Run in August on the “GLOvember Project” team.

November Project

I’m going to keep attending Wednesday morning workouts, and any Monday & Friday workouts I can (days off from work). I’d love to attend all 3 days of the week every week, but that isn’t possible with my crazy work commute from Quincy to Natick (about 4 hours round trip).

Weight Loss

I’m going to try not to worry about what the number on the scale says and will focus on feeling fit & healthy. I will wear my Fitbit to track my fitness, and their dashboard to track my food – just to keep me accountable.

Did you set goals for yourself for 2014? How did they turn out? What’s your plan for 2015?


One thought on “Reflections on 2014 Goals and Goals Set for 2015

  1. You did great. The number on the scale does not define you. You are healthy and strong! Keep up the great work. Wished I lived closer to Boston…love the idea of November Project. Out here in Central MA, it’s just not practical. Happy weekend!

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