Annoyed at Missing Workouts

I’ve been fighting off 2 different bugs over the last 2 weeks – which has definitely impacted my workout schedule.

Last week, it was a stomach bug.

I’d been working on planning the Boston Women Communicators Holiday Hoopla for months – soliciting raffle prize donations – benefiting Hale House, Rosie’s Place, and Women’s Lunch Place. But, I ended up having to leave the party early – before any raffle prize winners were drawn.

BWC_Holiday_Hoopla_2014Boston Women Communicators Holiday Hoopla Committee

Sarah Leaf-Herrmann, Jane Breschard Wilson, & Danielle Kempe (me)

The next day, I skipped my November Project workout because I still felt off. I went to work but ended up leaving early. I also skipped a Box-Fit workout that I was looking forward to that night! I took a sick day off from work on Thursday and sleeping in seemed to kick the stomach bug out of my system. This morning (another Wednesday when I should have been at November Project) I woke up with a terrible sore throat. I stayed in bed instead of going to climb stairs with my NP friends. I brought chloraseptic spray to work with me.

I really hope this disappears as quickly as it showed up.

I have a holiday party for my work on Friday night, but if I don’t feel up to it, I don’t want to risk making others sick by attending.

I know I’m doing the right thing to give my body time to rest & recover rather than pushing on and working out but I still miss working out and wish I felt up to it! And while I’m whining & wishing – I wish the rain would let up so I could at least get a walk in on my lunch break.


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