Holiday Run List – Gift Suggestions for the Runner in Your Life

Disclosure:  Through my role as a SweatPink Ambassador, I was sent complimentary PRO Compression calf sleeves in exchange for my review.

The opinions expressed are completely my own.

Do you have a loved one who’s a runner? Are you stumped for gift ideas this year?

Here’s where I can help, with a Holiday Run List – 5 MUST HAVE items for every runner out there this holiday season.

PRO Compression sleeves

PRO Compression

This Thanksgiving, my legs were sore. I’d run stairs with November Project on Wednesday, which is probably where the ache originated, but I had a turkey trot to run Thanksgiving day & the Ugly Sweater Run scheduled for Saturday.

What could I do?

I tried PRO Compression sleeves for the 1st time and they rocked! I wore them for an hour before the turkey trot and the pain went away. They’ve turned me into a believer. I used them again before the Ugly Sweater Run with the same results.

As a bonus, PRO Compression has provided a discount code for all of my readers to use! Enter the code PINK2 at checkout for a 40% discount! The code is valid thru Dec. 15.

Sparkly Soul headbands

SparklyI love Sparkly Soul headbands & I’m super glad their ambassador Dani Holmes-Kirk made me notice their brand. Not much is more annoying than hair getting in your face during a workout. Sparkly Soul headbands are amazing. They DO NOT slip no matter how much you’re sweating. They also adsorb workout sweat well, so they don’t feel uncomfortable on your head. (I wash mine in the washing machine but air dry them.) I wear a Sparkly Soul headband whenever I work out.

Edit: Promo code added! 15% off your entire order now until December 15th using the code “HOLIDAY” and free shipping on all orders over $25.00.

The RooSport


The RooSport is a magnetic pocket you can attach to your workout pants to be able to run with ID, keys, and phone – without being weighed down.

You can leave your gym bag locked in a gym locker (or car trunk) but still have your essentials on you.

And for your runner friends that like to take workout selfies and/or run with music – your phone is easily accessible.

I wear my Roosport to every November Project workout and every outdoor run. (I run in a city – so I want to have my phone on me in case I come across a law & order intro scene. Also, it’s just a good idea to have ID on you when you run – god forbid you get injured and pass out.)

RooSport gave me a discount code to share with you! Use Roosale for 20% OFF.


Every runner needs to get in cross-training. That’s where the awesomeness that is ClassPass comes in.

ClassPass is a $99 a month service that gives you access to unlimited fitness classes at boutique fitness studios. The only caveat is, you can only visit the same studio up to 3 times per monthly membership cycle.

ClassPass has realized what a great gift they can be, and allows you to gift a membership:

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances (book) by The Oatmeal


This book is hilarious and will make any runner in your life smile. It’s a quick read & I keep it in my gym bag (for pre-fitness class reading). If you don’t laugh reading this, you aren’t human!

In fact, if you have a runner friend and you don’t understand their running – read this book & you’ll get it!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Run List – Gift Suggestions for the Runner in Your Life

    • Yeah – Sparkly Soul headbands are great! They’re a little more expensive than normal headbands – but they’re worth it. I’ve tried other bands but none have stayed in place during a sweaty workout; except Sparkly Soul.

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