Dedham Family Gratitude Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving morning, I ran the Dedham Family Gratitude Turkey Trot. It was my 2nd year participating.

2014-11-27 08.05.17

My husband David said my race number was the meaning of life.

I finished in 43:33 minutes this year & came in 1231 out of 1800 runners. I’m proud of that improvement from last year when I finished 975 out of 1000 runners.

I also ran most of the race next to 2 adorable dachshunds. I tried to get a picture of both but only succeeded in getting a picture of one of them.


As cute as they were, I sped up at the finish to be sure they wouldn’t beat me.

Post turkey trot, I changed & headed to 2 different houses for Thanksgiving meals. My side of the family in Georgetown, MA & my husband’s side of the family in Dorcester, MA.

Unfortunately, when we got to the 2nd house, I forgot that drinking water would be a great idea, and ended up feeling ill (probably due to dehydration). We didn’t get home till past midnight, so I ended up sleeping in instead of going to November Project this morning.

I think that I made the right choice to listen to my body & give it the recovery time it needed, so I’ll be all set to run the Ugly Sweater Run 5K on Saturday.


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