November Project – Week 20 – Warmer Than Expected

November_Project_LogoThis morning I dressed for snow or cold rain. Neither showed up for the workout (and I am NOT complaining).

I’d layered up so I removed my jacket, gloves, and hat to keep from overheating as I climbed the Harvard Stadium stairs.

I started with the slower group that wasn’t trying to complete the whole stadium (37 sections) and set a PR. I’m proud of myself for climbing for all 40 minutes though and not listening to my inner critic telling me to stop. I got in 17 sections of stairs climbed & lots of hugs from other November Project Boston members. My goal was to get in 20 sections (for my 20th week at the stadium) but hopefully I can surpass that next week.

Thank you to my friend Harley, who ran all 37 sections shaving 7 minutes off her PR time, then saw me slowly climbing and joined me for a section. I appreciate your support!

I’m proud that I didn’t let the weather forecast scare me from showing up.

The last Wednesday of the month we have a DJ blasting awesome music and a paint crew tagging workout gear. I got 2 new long sleeve shirts tagged for future winter workouts.

Here’s the group photo:


I was on the top right – but hard to see in this picture

NP_11.26.14_tagPhoto of our gear being tagged – credit Scott Yellow


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