Warmer Workout Gear

Living in MA all my life, I knew it was only a matter of time before wicked cold weather hit, so I’d need to get layers for my outdoor November Project workouts.

I was lucky enough to win the Fitfluential Wellness Challenge Week 4 and the prizes were a Grokker Prize Pack with lululemon gift card. I haven’t received the Grokker Prize Pack yet but the lululemon gift card was just waiting to be spent.


I headed to lululemon in the Natick Collection on my lunch break to check out some lined running tights.

A lot has changed for me in the last year fitness wise – but I still had a feeling that lulelemon was not a store I belonged in. I may not be plus sized anymore, but even with a 24 pound weight loss I’m still the largest size tight that’s stocked in the retail stores. I was a bit self conscious when I walked in to browse and didn’t see my sizes right away. (They’re on the lowest shelf to the ground – I just wasn’t looking low enough.)

The sales staff approached me and asked if they could help me. At first, I was defensive because when they asked what I was looking for clothes for their first suggestion was “just lounging around”. (My brain went into critical mode and I thought. “Really?! All my hard work this year and they think I don’t even work out?!!”) I responded proudly however, “Actually – I’m a November Project member. Since I was out climbing the Harvard Stadium stairs this morning in freezing temperatures, I’m looking for a warmer layer of pants.” There were 2 staffers helping me and one of them said “What’s Movember Project?” but before I could respond to correct her and explain what NP is another staffer swooped in and interjected with suggestions. (One of the November Project founders is an ambassador for lululemon for their Prudential Center store but evidently that info isn’t shared with other stores…)

The helpful sales woman suggested a pair of lined tights that I eventually ended up purchasing. (Speed Tights – Tech) But the kicker was – she asked my size, and when I responded said, “I think you should try a (1 size smaller than the one I said) in these. I know what you just said, but I’m looking at you and I think the ___ size would fit!” I laughed and said I’d try it but that I heard that the sizes here run small so I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I went into the dressing room with those tights, some I’d picked myself, and suggestions from the other staffer.

Well helpful saleswoman was right! Holly cow! Not only did I belong shopping there – but I’m a smaller pants size there!

Here’s what the lululemon blog says about the Speed Tights Tech:

Made with our tech fleece, these babies are crafted in our coldest weather run fabric.

They’re insulating and warm, as well as moisture-wicking, and have four-way stretch that enables you to move in every direction.

Why we love it: Each pair is brushed on the inside for super soft coziness.

I’ll let you know how the tights hold up to NP workouts.

When I got home that night, some long sleeve workout tops I’d ordered from Kohl’s last week had arrived, so hopefully they fit and all I’ll need to look for is some gloves to cover my running gloves & add warmth.


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