Chaturanga Dude

Wednesday night I joined Sweetgreen at Healthworks Back Bay for a free evening vinyasa flow yoga class.

I spoke with my Dad on the drive over and when I told him I was heading to yoga he laughed and said “After climbing stairs this morning?! You’re a glutton for punishment!” It made me laugh but I disagreed with him.

I’m still new to yoga classes, so I didn’t know most of the moves. (I never did figure out what the Chaturanga pose was.) But, I found the class relaxing and the instructor was great!

Thank you to Rachel for putting the Boston Sweetgreen passport program together. It’s a great way for me to change up my work out routine and get out of my comfort zone a bit.


2 thoughts on “Chaturanga Dude

  1. Chaturanga (no clue how to spell it) is a low push-up that is part of the transition into down dog. You kind of hold your body off the ground in a plank with your arms bent at the low part of the push-up, arms at 90 degrees. Usually people get into chaturanga, then pull their upper body through their arms to get into up dog, then put their butt up for down dog. I’ve been doing yoga for years and my chaturanga still stinks 🙂

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