November Project – Week 19 – Below Freezing in November

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It was a very chilly 23 degrees at the Harvard Stadium this morning.

It was a morning I did not want to get up & go workout outside – but I don’t break verbals. (And I’d said I’d be there.)

I actually arrived at the stadium earlier than I usually do – because I was worried about limited parking.

I need to work on acquiring some warmer layers for the upcoming winter workouts. I had my running gloves on – but usually I cover those with another, warmer pair of gloves – but those were not in my jacket pocket as I expected them to be. Oops.

I walked into the stadium and started clapping to warm my hands a bit. Evan – one of the co-leaders of November Project Boston – ran over in shorts and chatted about the cold as he added a layer of pants before the 6:30 AM workout would begin.

When I was joined by 2 others early for the 6:30 AM workout, Evan decided we should all do 50 push ups to warm up. I figured – when you’re asked by a November Project leader to do something, you do it and don’t complain. I did all 50 push ups proudly, and it actually did warm up my body temp a bit.

It was hilarious how close people were during the warm up bounce this morning so we could share body heat. The hugs were also longer than usual. I got a few complements on my warm looking pink reflective ski jacket. (It was as warm as it looked.)

The cold air really did a number on my lungs and I felt like I was going to throw up after 5 sections. I walked to the women’s restroom only to find it locked. 😦

I called it a day after that & drove home. But, I’ll be back again next week and I’m taking a shopping trip to make sure I’ll be more prepared if the temperature is below freezing.


Can you find me in this pre-start photo?

I’ll give you a hint – I’m wearing a blue hat.


4 thoughts on “November Project – Week 19 – Below Freezing in November

  1. Wow! That’s amazing that you did this in the freezing cold weather!! I give you major props because I couldn’t drag my butt out of bed to do an outdoor workout at that time. Good for you!!

    • Thanks Karen!

      November Project members talk about being #weatherproof so there’s never been a work out canceled for weather reasons in their 3 year history.

      My 1st workout with NP was on New Years Day but I swear it was colder today than it was then. (Ha!)

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