November Project – Week 18 – Surprise for the NP Founders

NP logo orange“Good morning!” is yelled at the beginning of every November Project workout & we return the greeting.

It was a good morning this morning!

I got in 15 and 1/2 sections of stairs climbed.

What’s with the 1/2 section? A woman who was climbing near me fell on the steps and popped her ankle. I helped carry her from where she fell, to the bottom of the section. BG joined her at the bottom and sat with her to make sure she was OK and send me on my way to get more stair climbing in. It seemed like the woman was OK – and it was a previous injury that she aggravated.

But what made this morning particularly great – was surprising the Founders of November Project with a huge bag full of thank you notes. Despite notes being collected for months (prior to the big announcement of new November Project Boston co-leaders) they didn’t find out till they were handed the bag this morning.

Here’s a photo of their reactions thanks to another awesome NP Boston tribe member’s instagram:

NP GiftA huge thank you to Elin for organizing this group “thank you” project & doing such a good job keeping it a secret from BG & Bojan!

Here’s Elin bringing the bag over:

Elin Santa

Also, I teared up reading Bojan’s reaction on his Instagram account:



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