Working Walking into Weekend Plans – 11,934 Steps on Saturday

I love my Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit dashboard.

Thanks to Fitbit I know I walked 4.98 miles on Saturday which was 11,934 steps.

What was I up to that day?

3,200 of those steps were walking from the Silver Line to the Seaport World Trade Center and then exploring the Boston Christmas Festival.

My favorite part of the Boston Christmas Festival was their gingerbread house display. I liked Abby Park‘s entry the best, but that may have something to do with being a fan of their restaurant in Milton.

Abby Park

3,465 of those steps were walking to/from the TD Bank North Garden & around the garden to our seats for the 20th anniversary Comics Come Home show.


The comedians were hilarious and I’m wicked glad I could be there. Joe Yannetty was my favorite comic of the night. He’s a cancer survivor and he had us nearly falling over laughing at jokes about cancer. My favorite was a bit about remembering that if you’re telling a story to someone who has cancer about someone else who had cancer – make sure the story has a happy ending!

Part of my fitness journey this year has been making sure activity is a part of my plans. I think Saturday was a pretty good demonstration of that in action.


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