Flywheel Boston on Halloween


On Friday, I attended the 6 PM Halloween themed class at Flywheel Boston. I entered their costume contest by being a “Boston Marathon runner” specifically – the instructors Teddy’s Team teammate for the marathon, Dani Holes-Kirk.


I didn’t win the Boston only costume contest but I was the instructor favorite costume for my class. I still have a chance in the national contest on social media though – so cross your fingers for me.

The actual class was tough and I got a great workout! I’ve written before about how I dislike standing on spin bikes, but that felt like all I did for this class and I kept up! I was very proud of myself for not listening to my inner critic and powering on through.



2 thoughts on “Flywheel Boston on Halloween

    • I used to think spin classes weren’t for me until I found Flywheel. I LOVE their classes (and having gel bike seats available helps with the comfort issues I had at other spin studios).

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