Mather Elementary School 375th Birthday Celebration – 10,218 Steps


On Friday, my husband & I attended a birthday benefit for the Mather Elementary School in Dorcester, MA.

The Mather is the 1st public school in the USA and they are celebrating their 375th birthday!

My Mother-in-law is the art teacher at the Mather School, and she attended the school as a child! In fact, my Grandmother-in-law (Nana G.) attended the Mather as well and sent all of her children (7 of them) to the Mather for elementary school.

Nana G. spoke at the Convocation last Sunday that began the birthday celebration. I wish I could have cloned myself to be able to attend (it was my Mom’s birthday & parents wedding anniversary on the same day so I was hosting a party for them) but my Father-in-law recorded Nana’s speech so I have been able to watch it. She was great! I’m shocked that at 88 she remembers so much from her childhood. I can’t even remember the names of most of my elementary school teachers & I’m younger than half Nana’s age.

The Friday party was wicked fun – including dancing. So keeping with a theme that dancing makes my step count pass over 10,000 – I was on the floor dancing with my Husband, Mother-in-law, and Sister-in-law, Jen. (I’ll share pictures when they’re posted online.)

Happy birthday to the Mather School & cheers to many more years making history and changing students lives for the better!


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