November Project – Week 16 – Wet and #WeatherProof

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I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. When my 5 AM Fitbit alarm went off – I ignored it. When my 5:30 AM alarm clock went off, I debated just skipping the workout and going back to sleep.

I’m glad I woke up and went to the workout though.

When we started climbing stairs at Harvard Stadium at 6:30 AM this morning, there was a light rain. By the end – it felt like a monsoon, my clothes were drenched, and I could barely see through my glasses.

I didn’t check the weather this morning before leaving the house, so I assumed it would be cold and rainy. It wasn’t cold – 50 degrees – so within a few sections I’d taken off 2 layers and tied them around my waist. (My rain jacket and a long sleeve shirt from the 2013 stair climb benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.) I got in 18 sections of stairs climbed & a newbie told me that I “am very motivating” when she saw me turn & go at the bottom of a section. (For those who haven’t climbed with us “turn & go” is getting to the bottom and NOT STOPPING – just turning your body and continuing up the next section of seats.) That made me smile. I wish I could have convinced her to put down the roller blades she was carrying though. I don’t understand why she climbed with that extra weight.

Brogan made me laugh twice today. The 1st time was when he climbed with a small child on his shoulders and then stopped at the bottom so the child could high five us. The second time was when he told us to interlace our fingers during the group picture and added “my yoga wife taught me that!” His wife Goldie is a yoga instructor and they are a Boston Fitness Power Couple.

Edit: Here are the goofy group photos of all of us soaked from the rain.

NP_10.22.14_1 NP_10.22.14_2November Project is weatherproof and a little rain won’t stop us!


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