On Sunday, I started wearing my Fitbit Flex.

I love it so far! The step tracking, sleep tracking, and food tracking have all been great.

There’s even a silent alarm that I used to wake myself up for the early morning November Project workout on Wednesday without waking up my husband too! (Our alarm clock is on his side of the bed.)

Here’s a look at what my Fitbit dashboard looks like on my computer:

FitbitIt also tracks sleep, water consumption, and calories eaten too (they just weren’t worth a second screenshot).

Another cool feature is it shows how your steps for the last 7 days compare with friends who use Fitbit. I’m a bit competitive so it does motivate me when I have rainy days like yesterday & I end up at the bottom of the leaderboard – to figure out a way to get more steps in. You can also cheer your friends on by clicking on a smile icon next to their name on the dashboard and send them messages too. Thank you to the friends who have cheered me and sent me messages so far!


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