November Project – Week 15 – Feeling Strong

The warm weather was still in MA (it will have a high of 78) on Wednesday at 6:30 AM.

I was happy to be among the Boston NP tribe climbing the Harvard Stadium stairs.

I got in 20 sections of stairs climbed today and it felt good!

I was getting a little down on myself for how slow I was going but I kept moving forward. (I think it was Bojan that shouted “pretend you’re a shark – if sharks don’t move – they die!” as encouragement to the group.) I was near the newbies but that just gave me more people to say “You’re doing great!” to.

One newbie asked how long I’d been a part of November Project. I answered “Since June – believe it or not”. (I’m a slow climber after all.) She replied, “Oh I believe it! You still have breath to be able to cheer people on unlike the rest of us!”

I love it when people say exactly what you need to hear. She was right! I am stronger since I joined November Project – and even if I haven’t upped my personal best for the number of sections climbed – I’m improving in other observable ways.

Thank you to the Boston tribe for reminding me that steps forward all add up to positive growth.

My abs are a little sore right now – but it’s totally worth it! (And that’s probably from both yoga last night & stair climbing this morning anyway.)

Happy birthday to Elin (collapsed in the photo below – as a funny reaction to the “birthday boom”)!

NP_10.15.14Thumbs up if you had fun at the workout!


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