November Project – Week 14 – with Firedrills

This morning was another great morning to “rise & shine” and “just show up” for a workout with the Boston tribe.

I saw a few friends and stopped for hugs before continuing my stair climbing. Elin cracked me up by carrying around a speaker blasting music while climbing.

I got in 13 sections of stairs & 4 sets of 5 push ups (the “fire drill” when a cowbell clanged).

The rain held off – but I was prepared to be “weatherproof” anyway & brought my rain jacket.

I left before the group picture (I know – boo!) but I have a feeling a few cameras caught photos of me climbing so I’ll share them if they’re posted online.

Edit: As promised, here’s a picture from the start of the stair climbing

NPI’m in the pink jacket – smiling and holding a water bottle

Finally – a HUGE good luck to my friend Mike who is going to ROCK the Chicago Marathon this weekend. He showed up at NP this morning to cheer all of us on – even though he was tapering for the marathon & couldn’t climb himself.

That type of behavior is exactly what brings me back to November Project every week. You will make friends and you will get encouraged – no matter if you’re getting in 40 sections of stairs or 10.


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