Cambridge 5K – Oktoberfest

c5k_oktoberfestOn Sunday morning, I ran the Cambridge 5K – Oktoberfest.

It was a slow race for me. I finished 2078th overall & in 44:48 minutes. I was disappointed in myself because I wanted to finish in 40 minutes or under. Edit – a friend who also ran the race mentioned that her GPS watch tracked 3.24 miles not 3.1 which made me remember my watch doing the same thing. I checked my GPS time for just 3.1 miles and it was a over 2 minutes faster! 42:10 minutes! Much closer to the goal I had going into the race so that makes me happier!

I was also disappointed in the race experience as someone in the back of the pack.

Even scarier – I felt in danger on the course. Unlike for the fast runners – the course was open to cars before I finished. I nearly got killed by an SUV that not only drove on the race course but tried to pass a cab by veering into the bike lane I was running in! It was in front of a cop directing traffic for the race – but he didn’t even reprimand the driver. It was a pretty terrible feeling.

Finally – at the beginning of the race people were really rude about passing slower participants. I made sure I wasn’t lined up at the front of the start line and I stayed to the right when I had to walk. But people passed me very close – both on my left & right!

My husband was awesome though and got a picture of me before the race:


Post race – I skipped the party & headed to Boston with my husband for the celebration of “Poe Returning to Boston” a statue in honor of Edgar Allan Poe being unveiled. You can read about all the Poe fun in Boston over at my husband’s blog – Staying Square in MA.


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