Weight Watchers Frustration

I’m thinking of quitting Weight Watchers at the end of the month.

I weighed in today and I was up 1.2 pounds instead of seeing the loss I expected a week after walking the marathon. When I weighed in the receptionist said “What’s going on?!” because she knows I’ve been frustrated about the gains I’ve seen when I’m expecting losses instead.

This brings me to 23 pounds lost total. I’m back to feeling like I’m gaining & losing the same 2 pounds all the time.

I’m sick of seeing progress reports like the one below (this is my monthly report from today).


After chatting with friends – I think I could continue my weight loss journey with better success if I got a Fit Bit Flex instead of paying for Weight Watchers. Right now – I pay $50 a month for both Weight Watchers monthly pass (includes etools) and Active Link monthly fee.

Another huge source of my frustration is that to me, meetings were what made Weight Watchers special and work better than other programs.

Today’s meeting topic was all about the community of the meeting room.

I’m very mad at Weight Watchers for canceling the meeting I normally attend.

This week’s topic about how great meetings are just made me sad. I’ve lost the community of members that “knew” me and cared about my journey.


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