Weight Watchers – Staying the Same This Week

WW9.26.14I earned 50 Weight Watchers Activity Points this week. I was expecting to gain weight when I weighed in today – despite having a really good week (food wise too!) – because my muscles tend to retain water after high weeks of activity. This week was my most intense activity wise ever (that whole literally walking a marathon thing).

Much to my surprise – my weight stayed exactly the same as last week – and I consider that a victory.

Hopefully next week will have a weight loss.

Unfortunately, I’m still searching for a Weight Watchers meeting to be my new regularly weekly meeting. I’ve tried the Friday lunch break meeting at the Framingham Center (that the receptionist for the canceled Tuesday meeting suggested) but I am just not jiving with the Leader. She’s a nice woman & she definitely cares about the members. I just don’t do well in meetings where the leaders go rogue and give their own theory on nutrition instead of sticking to explaining the Weight Watchers endorsed program or weekly meeting topic. She was also mean to the Receptionist on staff that day – rudely asking a member who came in late to go find the receptionist in the back storage room to ask her to come out front. (The same woman who recommended this meeting to me!) As a former WW staffer – I notice small things like that and it really bothers me.

Next week I may see if I can take a very early lunch on Tuesday at 10 AM to try out that meeting at the Framingham Center.

Are any of my readers Weight Watchers members in MA that have a suggestion for a meeting to try?


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