SkyRobics Class at SkyZone

YelpFitThanks to Yelp Boston I tried a wicked fun fitness class on Wednesday night – SkyRobics Class at SkyZone in Everett, MA.

It was a fitness class on trampolines! I had a great time and did not do anything to injure myself.

Here’s how SkyZone describes SkyRobics:

Burn up to 1,000 calories an hour on our wall-to-wall trampolines! SkyRobics is low-impact, healthy fun that combines calisthenics, core exercises and strength-building aerobics. SkyRobics is one of the most dynamic, effective and active workouts you can get! Don’t worry, any level of athlete will feel rejuvenated after this workout.

It was a fun workout & I’d definitely take a class again if a friend asked me to join them.

Yelp sky 1

Group shot – I’m in the red “I love Yelp” shirt

Yelp sky 2She asked me to take a jumping picture


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