Weight Watchers – Loss this week

As I suspected in my last post about Weight Watchers – I lost weight when I weighed in today & am down 1.4 pounds. Yippee!

This brings me back to 24.4 pounds lost total.

Quite possibly I’ve lost more – I wasn’t wearing the same dress I normally weigh in wearing & this one is heavier (fall dress vs. summer sleeveless very light dress)

I’ve resolved to not be upset if I weight in next week and the weight is back up from my muscles recovering from the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk.

Thank you also to Dani, Weight Watchers Leader & the blogger of Weight Off My Shoulders, for offering to look at my tracker for me to offer advice. I didn’t take her up on the offer because I wanted to work on making sure I really was tracking every single thing I ate and not forgetting to track tastes of something. It was my own personal “reset button” and it seemed to work.

I’m still seeking a new Weight Watchers meeting to be the weekly meeting I attend since the Tuesday lunch hour meeting I used to attend was canceled by Weight Watchers for low attendance.

I tried out a Friday lunch hour meeting at the same center but I didn’t like the Leaders meeting style. I may have caught her on a bad day but she seemed to cut off members telling their weight loss journey stories to share her own & that’s not cool in my book.

The only other lunch hour scheduled meetings at this center are on Wednesday & that doesn’t work with my adjusted work schedule on Wednesdays to attend November Project stair climbing. (I work through lunch that day since I’m getting to the office about an hour late.)

There is a meeting on Tuesday at 10 AM so I may try taking a very early lunch hour soon to check that out.


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