Weight Watchers


I was up 1.6 pounds when I weighed in today. This was disappointing – but not unexpected.

I’ve noticed a pattern that when I change up my fitness routine. I have a week were I gain, followed by a loss the next week. My theory is it’s my body retaining water while it builds muscle in response to the workouts.

Other friends who follow Weight Watchers – what do you think of this theory? Have you ever noticed a similar pattern in your weight loss?

My legs are still sore (but a good ache) from my spin class & stair climbing on Wednesday. I do not regret the workouts & I’m hoping they’ll help drop the scale number next week.

As usual though – the meeting topic made me feel better. This week is focused on re-starting & the leader gave out slips of paper labeled “reset button” that reminded us “The past is the past, I care only about my future. I will make positive changes…one small step at a time.”

Post meeting – I took a walk to the farmers market to get a bag of apples.

Moving forward – my plan is to keep the activity level up and be vigilant about tracking all of my food. (Bites, licks, and tastes of things count!) Cross your fingers for me that I’ll be happier with what the scale says next week.


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