Turnstyle Cycle Blogger Class


On Wednesday, I must have been a glutton for fitness because stair climbing with November Project in the morning wasn’t enough for one day! I joined Meagan for a bloggers only spin class at Turnstyle Cycle in Cambridge that evening.

I’m glad I didn’t know much about Turnstyle Cycle before the class, because I think I would have chickened out. Instead of using stationary spin bikes they use “Real Ryder” bikes. This meant the bikes moved side to side!

When I tried out the bike before the class, the staffer told me my “form was great” and I was “a natural”. He meant it, but that still made me laugh and I told Meagan that I’d try not to hit my bike into her bike during class.

Here’s what Turnstyle Cycle says about their bikes:

We use RealRyder bikes that move side-to-side. Why? Because it’s the best workout available on a stationary bike. RealRyders will build core strength and burn ~20% more calories per workout than a standard stationary bike. They will take a class or two to get used to, but the results will not disappoint.

They definitely aren’t kidding about the bikes being something you need to get used to. I still think it felt really weird but I’d be willing to try another class there.

Our instructor, Rich Downing, was great. He used to teach spin at my favorite spin studio – Flywheel in Boston – but he left to join Turnstyle because he likes the smaller classes. (28 bikes at Turnstyle versus 48 bikes at Flywheel) Rich made a big point of learning the names of all 10 of us taking the class & checked in with us by name during the class. I was impressed. (It reminded me of when I was a Weight Watchers Leader and I’d work on memorizing the names of my members. He didn’t have any name tags to help him though!)

The bike movement does add to the intensity of the workout. Sometimes, I opted not to stand on the bike when others were, because my legs were pretty annoyed with me for 2 workouts in one day. But I still felt like I got a great workout and that the instructor had purposely structured the class to do that.

One small critique, I was on a bike in the back row and it was often hard to hear Rich’s instruction over the loud music. There was a tall cyclist in front of me, so I’d often have to look at others in the class to figure out what we were being asked to do.

Thanks to Turnstyle for hosting us and Christina aka Trendy Trainer for organizing the night out!

Turnstyle GroupHere’s a group shot of my fellow bloggers in the class – with our instructor Rich

I’m on the right in the green shirt


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