November Project – Week 12 – Fire Drills

NP9.10.14Can you find me?

I’m on the top left – wearing a white tee – sitting next to my friend Alan

After taking an unintentional 4 week break from climbing stairs with NP Boston, it was great to be back with the tribe this morning.

My body was protesting a little because of getting used to a break – but I got in 20 sections. (A full tour is 40 sections so I’ll take my 1/2 tour and be happy!) The new sneakers I won from Saucony felt great though!

In addition to climbing stairs – today was a day with “Fire Drills”. When BG clanged his cowbell, we needed to drop where we were and do push ups, 5 or 10 depending on your self evaluation of your fitness level. I got in 15 push ups along with the 20 sections climbed. 🙂

I’m still NOT a morning person and I don’t think I’ll ever be. When the 5 AM alarm went off I hit snooze until my husband said, “You know you want to go see your friends in November Project”. He was right. It’s tough to describe to those who haven’t been to NP how people you only see once a week and become close friends – but it happens – and I’m thankful for it!

It was great to see Mike, Meagan, & Alan this morning!

Today felt a little fated to me with who I was climbing next to. It was someone who was there for their 2nd week with November Project climbing stairs. We got chatting & she’s looking for an entry level job in nonprofit fundraising. I work in nonprofit fundraising and have 6 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. I gave her some advice of events that are great for networking and we connected on Linked In. I hope I can help her with her job search and at the very least that she becomes one of my friends from NP.

 NP_9.10.14Here I’m climbing down a section – with my pink jacket around my waist


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