Weight Watchers Wednesday

I weighed in today at Weight Watchers and I was exactly the same weight as last week.

I’m OK with that and actually view it as a victory.

I thought I would gain weight this week because I let my “all or nothing” thinking self-sabotage a little.

My 30th birthday turned into a “birth month” celebration. Don’t get me wrong – I’m honored that I have friend and family that all wanted to celebrate with me – but multiple birthday cakes became a challenge.

I wasn’t tracking as well as I usually do, but when I grabbed “bites” of a snack my husband took out for himself (chips & sour cream dip) last night, I knew I’d already used my 49 weekly points and then some.

But – the Weight Watchers meeting room is a great place to reset and start your next week anew.

And I’m proud of myself that even in a “not perfect” week I still had healthy habits that kept me on track. What before WW would have been a landslide was now just a harmless blip in the path to weight loss success.



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