Trying to Focus on Non-Scale Victories

Live Life Active

When I weighed in at Weight Watchers today – I had gained 1.2 pounds.

I was very aggravated – but I’m trying to re-frame and focus on some awesome non-scale victories I had this week instead.

When I was waiting for the WW center to open, I leaned against a wall, and a passerby said “I thought you were a poster!”. I laughed and said “after version, right?” She said, “Yes – the replacement for Jessica Simpson!”

I told her that she’d made my day – no matter what the scale said when I weighed in – so I’m trying to keep that positive attitude.

Yesterday, I was shopping for some clothes for an upcoming cruise vacation. I took in 2 sizes of pants & in every instance, the smaller size was the one that fit! Even if the scale doesn’t show it – all my fitness activity is changing my body shape for the positive!

Finally – it was a huge victory for me to wear sleeveless tanks when I worked out in public 2 times this week. In the past, I’d have been too self conscious to try the workout at all & when I joined November Project – I’d only work out in short sleeve shirts and long workout pants. Now I’ve worn shorts to NP workouts too! Who is this new woman?!

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