November Project – Week 11 – Destination Deck – Chinatown


Today was my first Monday workout with November Project. Monday mornings are #DestinationDeck and their location changes weekly.

This morning we were asked to gather at the Chinatown gate at 6:25 AM sharp.

I can’t make my normal NP workout day of Wednesday this week, so I switched my schedule to be able to join the workout today.

The workout was split into 3 stations:

1) do 5 burpees while facing the Chinatown gate

2) sprint to the next location to do box jumps on a stone bench (I modified this one to just do step ups.)

3) bear crawl a few feet – then you start the cycle over again.

Monday NP workouts are short but intense.

It was nice to see so many familiar faces this morning and get a great workout in with all of you.


I’m on the top right background of this photo – burpee station

One thought on “November Project – Week 11 – Destination Deck – Chinatown

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