Boston Brunch Runners – Arnold Arboretum

BBR_8.10.14_GroupGroup picture – I’m in the front with the green tank top

On Sunday morning, I met the Boston Brunch Runners at Arnold Arboretum for a 3 mile run.

I was planning to just walk most of the route alone – but to my surprise – 2 BBR members stuck with me saying “we don’t leave anyone behind”. I really appreciated that!

My pacing was crap but I still had a fun morning. I got in 3.5 miles of running and about a mile of walking back from our end point to my car.


Photo of me Elin snapped when I was actually running

The coolest thing about the day though was feeling comfortable enough in my own skin to wear a sleeveless workout tank instead of short sleeves. (It is an August out door workout after all!)

When I saw the group photo. above, posted to Facebook, I thought “Wow! I look like an athlete!”

I may not be losing weight at the speed I’d like to, but my body shape is changing in a positive way.


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