Rev + Om at Sports Club LA – SweetGreen Passport

Rev+OMLast night, I had a wicked fun workout at Sports Club LA thanks to SweetGreen!

Rev + Om is a hybrid class of spin followed by yoga.

The spin studio had a giant TV screen behind the instructor – which played music videos. It was great! It felt like we were spinning while watching MTV (back when it still played music videos).

The class started with the inspiring quote below showing on the TV screen

ObsessesI feel that way about November Project & I don’t mind at all friends calling me “obsessed”.

Unfortunately, my stomach was giving me a little trouble last night. After the spin class I skipped the yoga in favor of a rest room and then heading home.

I’m sure the yoga portion of the class was great too but I’ve learned that I need to listen to my body when it comes to what fitness activity is appropriate.

Thanks to Rachel at SweetGreen for organizing another great free fitness class!


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