Yelp Fit Club – Fighter-FIT



On Saturday afternoon, I joined 7 other Yelp Boston “yelpers” for a fun conditioning class at Redline Fight Sports called “Fighter-Fit”.

Most of us were tired, since we’d been at the Hatchshell Free Friday Flick the night before with Yelp Boston. (It was a wicked fun night out picnicking & watching Goonies.)

We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were looking forward to the challenge.

I had a great time.

Our trainer, Jake, showed us exercises we were going to do and we tried our best to replicate them.

We started with foam rolling and I was in heaven! My calf muscles had been sore since November Project on Wednesday and the foam roller helped them feel a lot better.

Then we moved on to kettle bell swings from a squat position.

I forget what came next for exercises but we worked with medicine balls, ropes, and PVC pipe.

We didn’t get any boxing in but it was still quite a workout!

When we partnered up, Nicole was great and patient with my second delay in figuring out what we were supposed to be doing. (I’m not a good visual mimic at all, but I keep trying!)

Johnna Murphy asked me to give her a shout out in this blog post. Her workout moves definitely impressed me. I’m glad she wasn’t bothered when I accidentally stole a ball that was being passed to her to bat myself. Oops!

The hour class passes by pretty quickly and soon we were getting samples of jerky from Krave.

Thanks to Yelp Boston, Redline, and Krave for a wicked fun workout!

I’m looking forward to the next Yelp Fit Club event (and hope it’s after I go on my summer vacation).


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