November Project – Week 7

This morning the rain clouds were threatening but not a drop fell in Boston until long after the workout. (My theory is bringing my rain jacket scared the rain away. You can thank me at the next workout. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I climbed 20 sections of stairs which is my personal record. After missing a week due to car trouble, I’ll take my muscles just being strong enough to get the workout in. My abs are screaming a bit this afternoon but that means it’s working, right?!

I chatted with some NP first timers just before our warm up & again as we waited for the picture. They were exhausted but proud, and they wicked appreciated that I had water left in my water bottle to offer them.

I also got to chat with Mike B., writer of the Running on Bacon blog. What a nice guy!

There’s a Tumblr feed dedicated to November Project Boston that made me laugh with today’s post:

When Weโ€™re Waiting Our Turn to Run the Stadium:

And here’s me climbing this morning. (I wasn’t trying to photo bomb.)

NP_7.16.14On the right in the green shirt



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