Chopps American Bar Grill Blogger Lunch

Subtitle: A delicious reason to gain weight!

On Saturday, my husband and I joined 6 other MA bloggers a menu tasting at the newly opened Chopps American Bar & Grill in Burlington, MA, courtesy of Blog and Tweet Boston.

Wow! What a meal!

We were seated at the chef table, where you could see the kitchen staff cooking away.

Everything we tried was amazing!

For the appetizers, my favorites were the flash fried scallops with lime tartar sauce, lamb Lollichopps with yogurt, cucumber, lemon tzatziki, and the Maine lobster cocktail.

Then came a fish course were I couldn’t pick a favorite! Line-Caught Cod with fingerlings and corn puree and East Coast Halibut with Shimiji mushroom, carrot, pea shoots, lemongrass broth

Next was lots of steak and some wonderful sides.

I know it sounds weird to rave about at a steak house but the Chopps Tots (their version of tater tots) were delicious! They were much larger than normal tater tots and very fluffy on the inside. (See picture below)

Chopps Tots and SteakPhoto credit Semirah from Sound of Charm

The steaks were huge and served with butter on the side. I liked their presentation of on the bone but cut for us to sample.

Chopps SteakSteak picture credit Kerri, organizer of Blog & Tweet Boston and blogger at Urban Foodie Finds

All the steaks we tried were quite tasty.

Then, they brought out dessert! I was too full to try more than one bite but the rhubarb cobbler was worth trying. So good!

Chef Daniel Bruce came over to chat and gave us all autographed copies of his cookbook! He said the book was all recipes that take 45 minutes or less and only involve 2 cooking pots. (He said the 2 pot rule is because he has to clean after he cooks at home.) I’ll let you know if I attempt to cook any recipes.

And in case you were wondering, here’s Dave’s post about the lunch: Tater Tots and Tolkien

As I alluded to with my joking subtitle, I was up 0.6 pounds when I weighted in at Weight Watchers this afternoon. I’m trying to avoid being frustrated at this fact and realize that I don’t have lunches like this frequently so the weight will be back off soon.


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