Boston Social Athletes – July Social



My car decided to break down on me so I couldn’t get to November Project on Wednesday morning. I’m definitely at the point of obsession because the whole day felt off. I mean, how can Wednesday exist without a NP workout?!

Luckily, I had a T accessible way to see my NP friends Wednesday night – the Boston Social Athletes July Social.

It was a fun night and I’m glad I went!

I met another fitness blogger and NP member – Mike from Running on Bacon.

It was odd but good to see people not in workout clothes but in business attire. One woman in a beautiful blue dress cracked me up when she was described as “unicorn crotch”.  She has run November Project workouts in workout pants that have a unicorn on them & that description made me place who she was. Got to wonder if anyone attending that isn’t a NP devote heard that conversation though and wondered what the heck we were chatting about.

Also, I got a new (short) hair cut on Tuesday night because the hair covering my neck was bothering me during out door workouts. I didn’t tell anyone I was getting it cut, but I got rave reviews from my friend Jess L. and other NP friends on how much they like the new style.

Edit – here are some photos!

BSA1Jess, random guy, Hayley, & me

BSA2You can see the back of my head and new haircut in the back right of this picture


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