November Project – Week 6

I was NOT feeling like going to November Project this morning.

I got up, got ready, and was out the door in time – but on the drive over I made a wrong turn that made me late.

I missed the bouncing and official start – but hey – I was there!

I got 10 sections of stair climbing in but still didn’t feel well, so I decided to call it a day and head home (to then change into work attire and head to the office).

I figure I may not have set a personal record, but anything was better than if I stayed in bed.

I take verbals (a commitment to attend) as seriously as other NP members, so I was not going to break mine!

We all have off days. It’s part of being human.

At least I kept my Wednesday NP streak alive for it’s 6th week.

My abs are sore! (I think it’s from both spin & NP)

I’m running the Finish at the 50 5K at Gillette Stadium on 7/3, so I figured I needed to listen to my body or else jeopardize feeling well enough to attend the race.

Edit: A picture has been posted of me climbing the stairs from this day. It cracks me up because I do not look like I want to be there.

November Project 7.2.14

That’s me – wearing my November Project Grassroots Gear and Boston Strong headband with pride


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