Featured Speaker at Weight Watchers – Bounce Back Meeting

First off – exciting news – I lost 1.2 pounds this week bringing me to 26.4 pounds lost total with Weight Watchers Points Plus program.

I’m rewarding myself tonight by going to a spin class. (That’s a bravo for behavior change right there!)

Today’s WW meeting topic was “Bounce Back”.

My leader surprised me by asking me during the meeting if I could be the featured speaker on the topic. (Good thing I’m not thrown by speaking off the cuff.)

I was proud to share my story.

In 2007, I lost 41 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers Points program.

I happily joined Weight Watchers staff as a Leader. (And I made some life long friends at WW Basic Leader Skills training. You know who you are and you rock!)

By 2009, things were going along swimmingly, but I was starting to not follow the program as closely as I had in the past.

Then Weight Watchers changed their program to Points Plus. I rebelled and refused to learn the new points values for my foods. Well to no one’s surprise – if you don’t follow the program you don’t lose weight and the weight you lost returns! Imagine that.

I ended up having to leave Weight Watchers as a staffer due to my weight gain. (They gave me plenty of time to lose weight and stay on staff. I messed up. I’m not mad at WW for letting me go as a staffer – but I do try to avoid attending meetings lead by the woman who had to fire me, now that I’m a member again.)

So, I got mad at myself and gained all the weight I’d lost back – plus 10 pounds more – since it was lonely and wanted company. 😉

The week of Christmas in 2012 – I’d had enough of my wallowing and back to Weight Watchers I returned as a member.

It was time. I had a new full time job and I found a meeting 10 minutes from my office that could be worked into my lunch break.

I like to say that “I’ve taken the scenic route” when people ask me now how long it took me to lose 26.4 pounds. Yes, my weight loss has been slower this time around. But that’s OK. Progress is great!

I believe that Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change, not a diet. This blog has showcased how I’ve changed my lifestyle when it comes to exercise.

Now, when I have a slip up – I reframe it to remind myself “feedback is NOT failure”. I also think of something a leader said years ago – “If you drop 1 egg, you don’t throw the whole carton of eggs after it.” That image helps me see the bigger picture and keep moving in the right direction.

At the end of the meeting, another member asked me if I’d like to work for Weight Watchers again. I was honest and said “I don’t know.”

It’s that I really don’t have the time in my schedule to add leading meetings every week into it – and I know that last time I was a Leader I forgot to keep my own weight loss journey on track.

But, I will re-visit that idea when I get to my goal weight. Maybe there is a middle ground where I could get back on the staff list to help out and sub for meetings when Leaders need a night off, but not have a regular meeting on my schedule.

Thanks readers for being a part of my weight loss journey this time around!


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