New Balance Girls Night Out Boston


I loved the “Girls Run This Town” on the back of the trainers shirts!

I’m in this photo – gray shirt on the right.

I had a wonderful time at the New Balance Girls Night Out on 6/26!

A huge thank you to New Balance & Rachel from Healthy Chicks for hosting the night out – outdoor boot camp style workout.

It was a great workout!

We were split into 3 groups and did circuits of workouts – Burpies & sprints across from the Trinity Church (make sure to look out for animal droppings); strength training inside New Balance (photo above); then running to the Commonwealth Mall to use the wall of a sculpture for stretches & squats. (On the run over I inhaled a bug. Gross.)

The theme of the night was “Excellent is Strong”.

Most of the night stuck to the theme well – but I was a little annoyed and surprised when the trainer for my group started talking about being “bathing suit ready” during squats. I’m working out to improve my fitness level & get stronger. I’m not concerned about “looking good in a bathing suit” thank you very much!

Once we returned to New Balance, there was a photo booth set up and food & drinks were waiting for us too! (I grabbed a smoothie and it was delicious.)

I checked my phone in the bag I brought to the workout – so I’m looking forward to seeing the photos from New Balance of the event.

I’m definitely signing up for the July NBGNO the second RSVPs open. You should join me for a wicked fun night out!


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