November Project Week 5 – Music included

NP6.25.14My plan to stay under the section number to be seen in the photo didn’t work as well as it has in past photos – but my head is blocking the “2” in the photo below. Not worth risking being kicked in the head by the people sitting above me. Live and learn. 🙂

Slowly but surely, I’m improving my stair climbing with November Project Boston.

Today – I climbed 21 sections – 2 more than I got in last Wednesday.

The energy this morning was amazing!

There was a DJ with all her gear set up to blast music for all of us climbing at Harvard Stadium. I may not have felt like jumping when I heard “Jump Around” but it made me grin.

There was spray painting “November Project” on work out clothes for #GrassRootsGear thanks to some awesome volunteers. I now have 3 NP shirts that I can wear to future workouts & 5Ks (when I’m on November Project teams).

I’m proud of myself for pushing through my thoughts of “you should quit this” and pretty much telling my mind to get out of my body’s way. It was hot this morning – 70 degrees – so the workout felt harder than the 1st week but why wake up early and join the amazing crew of November Project Boston if you’re not going to push yourself and do the darn workout. My abs are sore right now – but that’s OK.

When I hit tough points where my legs were shaking, I’d think of my friends that have Multiple Sclerosis and despite the disease do amazing things like biking 150 miles with Bike MS Cape Cod Getaway and/or walking 50 miles in the MS Challenge Walk Cape Cod. I  thought – if they can be amazing while dealing with MS fatigue and other symptoms – I don’t have any excuses!

A bunch of other climbers encouraged me during the climbing tell me I was “doing great” and one commented on my “Dig Deeper” headband. (She liked it and agreed with the statement.)

I gave water to a climber who was sitting on the steps because her foot was cramping up. Stuff like that makes carrying a large water bottle through the climb worth it to me. It’s usually more water than I need for myself – but it’s inevitable in summer weather that I’ll pass someone who needs the “extra” water.

I’ve never been happier to be part of the November Project Boston tribe.

Edit: A picture with me in the background descending steps has surfaced. Thank you Scott Yellow!


I’m on the front left – pink stripe down my work out pants and holding a water bottle


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