November Project – Week 4

I was back at Harvard Stadium at 6:15 AM this morning to get some more stair climbing in with November Project Boston.

Today – instead of the group photo – every attendee was asked to take an individual “yearbook” photo. I’m looking forward to seeing how my photo turned out. I was wearing the Bondi Band I won from Blond Bostonian’s blog contest which had “Dig Deeper” written on it. I tried to use that as a mantra to keep me going this morning.

We were asked to go from section 37 to section 19 today and then take our “yearbook” picture.

“OK!” I thought to myself. “If I can make it to section 19 I’ll have climbed one more section than I did last week. I can do this!”

And I did! 😀

For some reason – my legs felt worse than they usually do when I started out. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to climb more than the 18 sections I climbed last week. (I think I was tired from a skype call with my god-kids and their parents out in Seattle, WA on Tuesday night – but they’re worth the consequences from less sleep than I normally get.)

Along the way – I also helped out another climber who had been away from NP for a month and forgot how hot it can get climbing in the summer. He was very grateful when I offered him my water bottle. (That’s part of the NP experience that I love. Someone is always there to help you. Some days it’s cheering you on. Some days it’s offering water to someone who’s sitting at the top of a section of stairs panting.)

Tonight – I have to help a co-worker set up a fundraising night at a Boston bowling ally – but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get out in time to attend the fireside chat with Jeremy Balboni of Brooklyn Boulders and Brogan Graham of November Project.

Edit: I had to stay staffing the fundraising event till 8:15 PM, so I missed the fireside chat. 😦


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