November Project – Now with Cowbell

NP6.11.14I’m in the back row again – under the 37 – in the yellow shirt

It was another great morning climbing stairs with November Project today!

The sun was shining and the weather was comfortable.

There was a new addition to the workout this morning. Every time we heard a cowbell ring it was time for a “fire drill” which meant you had to stop and drop wherever you were and do 5 push ups. (On your knees was OK & I stuck to that.)

My goal for the workout this morning was to get through 16 sections – 1 more than I completed last week. I actually completed 18 sections – even with the push ups in between! I’m proud of that accomplishment.

“Progress – not perfection” is a Weight Watchers saying that motivates me often. Speaking of WW – I weighted in yesterday and was down 1.6 pounds. That’s back to 26.4 pounds lost total. Woo-hoo!

There was a camera crew at NP today. Brogan was cracking me up with his speeches in front of the camera. “We’re a fitness movement!….or, maybe we’re a cult. We haven’t finished that paperwork. You’d be surprised at how much there is.”

I did my entire work out this morning hands free. (Which means I wasn’t using my hands to help push my legs forward like I did my 1st week.)

Note to myself for next week – don’t forget to wear sunscreen & bring your keys/phone in a drawstring bag so you can leave it on the stairs at the start and not be carrying a jacket around your waste with stuff in the pockets! (See – I’m learning as I go.)

If any of my blog readers come from Quincy to be a part of the 6:30 AM November Project Boston group on Wednesdays (or if you know someone who does) let me know. I’d love to get a carpool going.

And if you’re thinking about joining me for November Project some Wednesday soon – you totally should! It’s the best way to start a morning! Stop thinking about it and show up. 😀


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