My husband is wonderful!

I’m pretty darn lucky to have fallen in love with my wonderful husband Dave.

We’ve been married 4 years.

He’s been amazingly supportive of my fitness journey – and he’s usually found along the route and/or at the finish line of my 5K races – taking pictures for me to use on this blog. He’s even run with me in the Cupid’s Chase 5K & AIDS Action 5K and rock climbed with me at Yelp Boston’s Brooklyn Boulders night!

This weekend, Dave took his support to a different level.

He started a new blog “Staying Square in MA” which he subtitled, “The Official ‘Getting Fit in Massachusetts’ Companion Reader”.

His first post made me cry tears of joy: It’s Hip to be Square.

So, check out Dave’s first post at the link above.

I’m looking forward to reading his posts on the geekier side of our activities. (I don’t mind going to comic shops with him and the trips to things like the Raynaham flea market turn into treasure hunts for me too. Plus, it’s always getting a walk in, even if I don’t buy anything for myself.)


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