Runner’s World 5K

I had a great time at the Runner’s World 5K this morning.

I ended up making friends with a pregnant woman who was walking the course and I walked with her to keep her company for most of the race. I finished in 46:34 – which isn’t bad for walking most of it!

Here’s me & Becky running the last few feet to the finish line:

2014-06-07 08.08.27


Here’s me posing with my medal post race:

2014-06-07 08.13.21

The route for this race was beautiful! From Boston College, past the Waterworks Museum & Reservoir, and back to BC.

There was also an expo for this race that I checked out Friday night and picked up my race number at.

One of the Runner’s World expo sponsors had a photo booth to put your picture on the cover of Runners World:

That sponsor – Geneia – was also doing body composition testing and the staff their called me an athlete based on my regular level of activity. It made me smile to see “athlete” written on a piece of paper about me!

Also, I’m back in normal BMI range – no longer obese! Woo-hoo! (No matter what the scale says, I know I’m feeling amazing and that this is a healthy path for me.)


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