The Handle Bar – Boston Blogger Spin Class


Last night, I joined a group of other Boston Bloggers for a free spin class at The Handle Bar in the Fenway area of Boston. (Thank you to Kate for organizing this fun night out!) It was nice to see my friends Janelle, Jodi, & Jessie spinning too!

I was pleasantly surprised that, unlike last Thursday when I could barely walk due to climbing stairs with November Project the previous day – this Thursday after a 2nd week of November Project, my legs were fine. So, I figured, why not push myself and head to a spin class. 🙂

I enjoyed the class. The instructor was pleasant and very helpful – since a lot of spin novices were in the group. We pedaled to the beat of the music, which was fun. I even found myself mouthing some of the words to songs to help me keep the beat in my head. For some moves, I stayed in my seat when everyone else stood. I figured there’s no need to be crazy and over push my legs & be regretting it when I run in the Runners World 5K on Saturday morning.

I don’t think I’ll be changing spin studios any time soon because Flywheel is more convenient to me and I still have class credits I’ve paid for there, but I’d go back to The Handle Bar if a friend asked me to join them. (Preferably on a weekend so I could take the T. Parking the the Fenway area is a little tough.)

I’m a little sore today in the area the bike seat was pressing against – but I think that’s just from taking a few month break from spin classes due to my work schedule during events season & recovering from my April fall.

I still can’t believe how far I’ve come so far in my fitness journey – that I actually find spin classes and other athletic activity quite fun – when years ago I’d avoid them like the plague.


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