November Project – Improving for week 2!


I’m in the very back row of today’s photo – under the 7 of the 37 sign

I may be slightly more of a morning person than I was before I joined November Project.

This morning, I woke up before my 5:30 AM alarm (?!!!) to happily get ready & leave my house at 5:50 AM to head over to Harvard and climb stairs with some of the best & kindest people in the city.

It was raining again on the drive over, but it stopped before the climbing began. (Yippee!)

I climbed 15 sections today, which is an improvement over the 11 I climbed last week.

My friend Jess L. was at November Project this morning. She rocked and would shout “Go Danielle” at me when she was at least 4 sections away from me – very motivating. She also asked me if I felt stronger than last week, and I do!

I had a cool moment today when Brogan, one of the founders of November Project, was on the stairs, coaching newbies and other slow people like me. I thanked him for starting November Project. He thanked me for being there and coached me to get up that section of stairs just a little faster than I’d have gone without coaching. He also suggested that I try “going hands free – Bluetooth” which means that I don’t use my hands to push a shaky leg another step higher. It was tough, but worth it!

I felt very accomplished and proud at the end of today’s workout.

Looking forward to seeing 300 amazing people next week – same time – same place. 🙂


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