Color Me Rad

I had a great weekend this week!

Saturday morning was the Color Me Rad 5K in Haverhill.

For those who haven’t heard of Color Me Rad, it’s a 5K where people throw food coloring and cornstarch on you during the race. Most people dress in white, and by the end of the race look rainbow colored. 🙂

This was my 2nd time as a Color Me Rad race participant and I had a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to getting some photos from the race day photographers, once they’re ready.

This year, the course was unexpectedly hilly, so I walked it. It was very peaceful though, walking through farmland (grass and dirt paths) at Kimball Farms.

I signed up for the race with my brother, but he got stuck in traffic so I ended up heading on the course before he got there (and left his race number with my husband to give him when he got there).

I also knew a friend from high school that I probably haven’t seen in over 10 years would be at the race. I said I’d look for her, but in a group of over 5,000 color blasted participants, I thought I may not find her.

Guess who lucked into finding her and getting a photo together?!


That’s me on the left & Julie on the right

(Pro-tip from me – if you wear contacts, buy outdoor safety glasses at Home Depot and wear those to the race. That way, you’ll be sure to keep your eyes food coloring/cornstarch free.)

I found my brother post race too & we got a photo together taken by the race staff, which I’ll post once I get the file.

After the race & a shower – I ended up meeting up with my in-laws to play a round of disc golf.

It was a wonderful day and I ended up earning 10 Weight Watchers activity points for the day. (Both the 5K & Disc Golf caused that.)



5 thoughts on “Color Me Rad

    • Lol. Nope – that’s not what would happen. You can see a color area coming up for the race and run/walk through as fast/slow as you’d like. One station used a hose (blue food coloring) but the rest just throw handfuls of cornstarch w/food coloring as you run by.

      You should definitely try out a color run. It’s a fun time. 🙂

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