Returning to November Project – Harvard Stairs


Post work out photo – I’m in the back right with my pink hood up

Some of you may remember that I started 2014 with November Project, climbing the Harvard Stadium stairs.

Well, now that my work events season is over, I asked my boss if I could adjust my schedule to be able to attend November Project on Wednesdays. I’m so glad I asked and my boss agreed.

I excitedly told 2 of my friends who are November Project regulars that I’d see them on the stairs on the 28th.

When I woke up this morning, I just laughed at the weather. It looked very gloomy – rain & 50 degrees. I wanted to stay in bed, but I figured I hadn’t changed around my work schedule only to flake in a little rain. After all, a November Project verbal (commitment to be at a workout) is a serious thing!

Boy, did my body feel that it’s been nearly 6 months since the last time I climbed the Harvard Stadium stairs. My legs are feeling a bit like jelly right now and my abs are on fire. But I’m proud! I got through 11 sections of stairs.

One of the best things about November Project is the way members look out for each other. Every time I felt like I should quit, my face must have shown it, because I’d hear “You can do this!” or “You’ve got this!” shouted at me in a positive way by someone wearing November Project gear.

I didn’t end up seeing either of the friends I told I’d be there – but that was OK – since the rest of the group was still looking out for me.

I’m looking forward to going back to climb stairs with November Project Boston next Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “Returning to November Project – Harvard Stairs

  1. I’ve never heard of this. I’m not at Harvard, but I’ve never heard of the challenge. But, it sounds to me as if Harvard has a LOT of stairs.
    I think it’s amazing the amount of support you get in this group. That’s a wonderful thing.. being inspired by each other.

    🙂 Found you through the blog hop! Fitness Blondie Rocks, doesn’t she?

    • November Project rocks! They have branches across the US & Canada – and all the workouts are free.

      Harvard Stadium stairs are wicked steep. My abs are hurting right now, but I’m glad I did it.

      Yes – Fitness Blondie does rock. Glad that you found me through her blog hop.

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