Return to BollyX

On Wednesday night, I went to a BollyX fitness (dance) class with 2 friends.

I had a wonderful time and I earned 6 Weight Watchers activity points for the day.

I love BollyX classes because they’re a great, fun, workout – even if like me you don’t get every dance move right.

I definitely needed a return to fitness classes. I haven’t been able to fit them in during the last few weeks with my crazy work schedule but I was so glad I worked it in last night.

I’m still grieving over the death of my Weight Watchers leader, Karen. I think Karen would find my going to a fitness class to work through grief instead of eating my feelings a fine tribute to her teaching at Weight Watchers. I’d like to think she was watching me and smiling. (I talked about BollyX and other fun ways I got activity in at Weight Watchers meetings, and Karen was usually amused.)


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