Spring Classic 5K – Falling at the Finish Line

Spring Classic 5K

Sunday was the Spring Classic 5K.

Looking back, I should have seen the signs that I shouldn’t have raced: at packet pick up I got hit by a rod iron door handle and got a bruise on my left arm, on the way to the race there was a power failure in Quincy that stopped the MBTA and then the train was “standing by” at Kendall Square. Hindsight is 20/20 though.

I was happy actually running the race, as the photo above shows.

I ran the race in 42 minutes, which is a better time for me than I ran my last 5K in.

Then, at the finish line, I forgot that it was misty out, which would make surfaces slippery. I went to raise my hands in a “who-hoo” above my head motion – and as I did so I slipped on the wet timing mat and ended the race on my butt. I was in pain, but luckily I only have a nasty bruise – not any broken bones. (I am upset that no race volunteers or staff helped me though and I had to find medical attention myself to get an ice pack for the long T ride home.)

Enough time has passed that I can laugh at the fact that the race photographer got the whole thing on film: (My husband calls the 1st fall photo “Something’s Clearly Wrong!”)

Spring Classic Official Fall 1 Spring Classic Official Fall 2 Spring Classic Official Fall 3 Spring Classic Official Fall 4 - in pain
Some days, you cheer at the finish – others you quite literately fall, but you keep going.

It still hurts for me to sit and run, but once I’m healed I’ll keep up the 5Ks and race Color Me Rad with my brother at the end of May.


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